What We Don't Buy
-Utility access covers
-Street Light poles or fixtures
-Road or bridge guard rails
-Water meter covers
-Highway or Street Signs
-Traffic directional or control signs
-Traffic light signals
-Any metal marked with any government markings, names, or initials
-Property marked as or readily identifiable as owned by a telephone, cable, electric, water, or other utility provider
-Property owned or readily identifiable as railroad property
-Cemetery Vases or markers
-Historical markers
-Utility manhole covers and storm grates
-Fire hydrants or hydrant caps
-Twisted pair copper telecommunications wiring of 25 pair or greater in 19, 22, 24, or 26 gauge
-Beer Kegs
-Computer Monitors

*This list is for the general public. We will buy these items with written permission from Railroads, Utility Company’s and Licensed Contractors.*

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