What We Buy
-Prepared Steel (4Ft. Long x 2Ft. Wide or less, ¼” thickness or bigger)
-Unprepared Steel (Any steel bigger then prepared, 1/4” thickness or bigger that requires cutting)
-Heavy Iron (Dozer tracks, steel truck wheels, steel cable, rear ends, axles, truck parts, etc.)
-#2 HMS (appliances, thin steel sheeting, fence post, car body parts, etc.)

-#1 Copper (tubing with no solder or fittings, copper wiring bigger than a pencil lead)
-#2 Copper (tubing with fittings or solder, smaller insulated wire, copper sheet)
-#1 Insulated Copper (House Wiring, solid strand wire)
-#2 Insulated Copper (any wiring not classified as #1 INS, extension cords)
-Low Grade (Christmas lights, vehicle wiring harness, etc.)

-Alum Sheet (sheeting with no nails, foam, insulation, etc.)
-Dirty Alum (sheeting with nails, foam, insulation, heavy paint, etc.)
-ACSR Clean (aluminum wiring with steel conductor, no insulation)
-INS ACSR (same as ASCR with insulation)
-Alum EC Wire (aluminum wiring with no conductors or insulation)
-INS Alum EC Wire (same as EC Wire with insulation)
-Aluminum Cans (aluminum cans or bottles, crushed or whole, preferably in clear bags)
-Al Car Wheels (wheels from vehicles with no tires)
-Al Truck Wheels (wheels from tractor trailers, no tires)
-Cast Aluminum (Aluminum produced from casting, no steel)
-Dirty Cast Aluminum (Same as cast aluminum with steel parts attached)

-Cars, Trucks, Vans (running or not running, with or without fluids)
- Radiators
-Auto Rads (Brass and copper mixed radiators, with no steel, rubber, iron or plastic)
-Auto Rads Dirty (same as Auto Rads with steel, rubber, iron, or plastic)
-Al Copper Rads (Alum and copper mixed radiators, with no steel or plastic ends)
-Al Copper Rads Dirty (same as Al Copper radiators with steel or plastic ends)
-Al Rads (Aluminum radiators with no plastic or steel)
-Al Rads Dirty (same as Al Rads with steel or plastic)

Stainless Steel
-201 (low grade stainless, low nickel content, no steel)
-304 (higher grade stainless, higher nickel contents, no steel)
-Dirty Stainless (stainless with steel attached)

-Clean Brass (Brass fittings, valves, etc. with no ferrous metal attached)
-Dirty Brass (same as above with ferrous metal)

-Battery (sealed car batteries, truck batteries, equipment batteries)
-Clean Lead (lead without any steel, plastic, rubber, etc.)
-Electric Motors (without any attachments)
-Seal Units (compressors with no oil or Freon)
-Convertors (Catalytic Convertors from vehicles, priced on individual basis)

Any other materials not listed will be bought as seen on site

Barker’s Junk Co. Inc.
is a recognized leader in the scrap recycling industry in Southern West Virginia, working to protect and preserve our environment for over 50 years.
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Mabscott, WV 25871
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